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Setting up WCS

There is no real setup for WCS, simply download the correct WCS version for your operating system and extract the files to a directory of your choice.

Configuring your room

Open the file "config.ini" in any text editor (on the windows version of WCS you can open the config file in notepad from the File menu in WCS). From this file you can configure your chat room.

The following are the essential settings that need to be set:

ChannelName=Your Channels Name

Topic=Your Channels Topic

MOTD=First line of your MOTD (message shown on entry)
MOTDLine=Additional Lines (add as many as you like)

Setting up Admins

You should add a separate password for each admin, this adds security as well as allowing you to customise logins for each admin. You should also use hard to guess passwords, a simple way to make passwords more secure is to simply put a number on the end.

For each login you wish to set up add a line to the config file in the following form:
Password=Access=Login=Text Format=Announcement
The last options are optional, for now it is recommended that you start off using the following examples:

Password=*@=MyPassword123==$NAME$ has logged in as Me
This creates a full access login with a password of "MyPassword123", it is recommended that for most rooms only the host should have this access. To log in with this you would enter the channel then type "/login MyPassword123".

Password=AaCfFmneKBLUSsI@=BobsPassword321==$NAME$ has logged in as Bob
This creates a normal admin password (for a full list of what the letters mean see the full documentation). To log in as an admin Bob would type "/login BobsPassword321".

Password=AaCmKSI+=JohnsPassword999==$NAME$ has logged in as John
This creates a sort of mini-admin who can only kick users and see IP Addresses and not much more, they also have a + instead of an @ next to their name on the user list. To use this John would log in with "/login JohnsPassword999".

Problems entering your own room

In some cases, users with NAT routers may find themselves unable to enter their chat room from their own LAN even after the ports have been forwarded to the host, and other users can enter fine. This is due to the router not supporting connections to yourself via your external IP Address.

For the computer running the server you can simply change the channel name to use the loopback address and enter manually through that. To so this take the first 8 characters of the 12 character "hash" at the end of the channel name and change it to 0100007F. For example Test_123456781234 would become Test_0100007F1234.

For other computers on your LAN to enter the channel, open WinMX and enter the channel name in the form of Name_IP:Port, for example if the hosting computers LAN IP Address was and it was hosting on port 65535, you would put ChannelName_192.168.0.2:65535 - third party chat clients often don't support this IP:Port format, however when you join using this on WinMX it will show the name to use in other clients (in this example ChannelName_0200A8C0FFFF).

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